Our Infrastructure

The Strength Of In-house Infrastructure 

Reliance on its own in-house infrastructure helps SVM in cutting down the production lead time and in maintaining quality of its products consistently.

It has the latest machines required for the production of various types of scarves and garments. Moreover, the management of SVM keeps upgrading the machines from time to time. The structure of its manufacturing facility and the working conditions are in full compliance with international humanitarian and environmental regulations. The facility is well lit, airy and has the requisite number of fire exit points. The management takes pains to provide hygienic working conditions to its employees.

SVM, with its top-of-the-line set up and meticulously organized production schedules is capable of producing quality scarves and garments consistently.


  • Description                                                                                                     Qty.
  • Signal Needle Lockstitch Machines                                                            150
  • Computer Aided Lockstitch Machines With Underbed Trimmers            15
  • Five Thread Overlock Machines With Gathering Device                          04
  • Four Thread Overlock Machines                                                                   04
  • Fusing Machines                                                                                              01 
  • 12 *Cuffing Machines                                                                                      04                        
  •   Kansal Special 12 Needle Elastic Smocking Machines                            01
  • Key Button Hole Machines                                                                             04
  • Flat Lock Machines                                                                                          04
  • Vacuum Pressing Tables                                                                                  10 
  • Portable Boilers                                                                                                02
  • Automatic Washing Ranges                                                                            01