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 Welcome to SVM Inc.


SVM Inc is a pro-active and established scarves & garment manufacturing and export enterprise based in Noida with manufacturing facilities in NOIDA.

Over the years SVM has grown from strength to strength owing to its well organized infrastructure  and design centric approach to scarves and garment production In SVM you have a reliable and competitive associate you can trust to deliver Quality product on time.


Team SVM is all about competent and seasoned professionals who understand the dynamic of scarves and garment production and export. It believes in giving its clientele value for its money. Continuous up-gradation of infrastructure astute planning stringent quality control measures and sourcing of quality raw material are some of the factors which have fueled SVM’s growth over the years.


SVM believes in nurturing the aspirations of the people and harnessing their strengths. It is forever committed to provide its people hazard free. Well lit and ventilated working environment. Their welfare and its growth go hand in hand. The corporate philosophy of SVM is to forge long term and meaningful relationships with its clients on the strength of its caliber and commitment to quality. And to be an equal opportunity employer for its people. 






     The Strength Of In-house Infrastructure



Reliance on its own in-house infrastructure helps SVM in cutting down the production lead time and in maintaining quality of its products consistently. It has the latest machines required for the production of various types of scarves and garments. Read More..







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